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Rules for the Bowling Pin Challenge


Helios Lodge No. 273

Ancient Free & Accepted Masons

343 Second Avenue S.W.

Cambridge, Minnesota 55008

Stated Communication: Third Tuesday of Each Month, 7:30 P.M




Helios Masonic Lodge Bowling Pin Challenge rules


  1. Bowling Pin main event. Knock the bowling pins off the table. Timer stops when the last pin hits the ground. The last pin on the ground must be the colored pin. If colored pin hits the ground before the other four pins the max time will be assigned for that heat.
  2. Only pistols allowed for all games/events. No pistol grip short barreled rifles allowed, even if the ATFE categorizes them as a pistol. Rangemaster’s decision is final.
  3. No optical sights of any kind allowed for any of the games/events. No laser sights, no heads up reflex sights, no red dot type sights. The only exception is a non-electronic “TruGlow” style sight. Self-glowing or “Tritium” fitted open sights are allowed. 
  4. If there is a timer malfunction, range/safety issue or cease fire called the rangemaster may request/require a “do over” for that round. A pistol malfunction or jam is not cause for a “do over”.
  5. For the “Rolling the Jack” game the only allowed caliber is the rimfire .22 LR, .22 Long, .22 Short. No centerfire .22 ammo, No magnum ammunition. High speed .22 Long Rifle ammunition is allowed.
  6. “Fun games” will require a ticket purchased for $5. For that one ticket you will be able to shoot three shots at the intended target. A redo will be allowed for an obvious misfire. Rangemaster has final say on misfires. Additional tickets may be purchased for additional shots. If there are shooters waiting then one must get back in line in order to shoot again.
  7. The prize money for the fun games is one half (1/2) of the entrance fees for that particular game. In the event no one wins the prize then a dropped ticket will be drawn at random from that particular shooting fun game. The name or phone number on the ticket will be notified they have won the prize.
  8. Shooting at the end of the bowling pin off the table game. The end of the bowling pin must be shot first and the pin must fall off the back edge of the table. If the pin falls off any side/edge besides the back it is a non-winner. Second and subsequent shots may hit the side of the pin.   
  9. Shoot the string and break it game. A bowling pin will be suspended by a string. The string must be shot and drop the pin to the ground. Breaking the neck of the pin does not count. Splintering the pin and having it fall to the ground does not count. Shooting the stand over and dropping the pin does not count.
  10. Shooting through the washer game. The bullet must go through the hole cleanly and leave no mark on the washer. The tape or material in the hole must be broken by the projectile.
  11. The pop the balloon game, 100 yards. The balloon must be broken by the fired projectile. Breaking the string and releasing the balloon does not count. Shooting the stand over and breaking the balloon does not count. If the balloon pops and no projectile was fired it does not count, but a redo will be offered at the discretion of the rangemaster where the balloon pops for no apparent reason.  
  12. In all games/events only a single projectile (bullet) is allowed. Different types of bullets are allowed. E.g., round nose, SWC, WC, hollow point, FMJ.
  13. Where there is a difference in rules between the Isanti County Sportsman’s Club and Helios Lodge rangemasters, the rules of the ICSC shall be followed.
  14. All shooting shall stop by 3:30 p.m. 1530 hours.
  15. Main event bowling pin shoot prize is 1/3 of the take for that event.
  16. May participate in the “fun” games without registering and competing in the 5 pin knock down event.
  17. If you are ineligible to claim a firearm there will be a cash prize offered instead.

Here is the most recent County News Review article about Helios Lodge. 2/3/22           Click here to read the article

This past October Helios Lodge sponsered a Merit Badge day for a Boy Scout Troop. They earned part of their Archery, Rifle Shooting, and Wilderness Survival Merit Badges.

Saturday June 12th 2021 Helios Lodge conducted a range day for youth firearms safty class. 23 students graduated with their firearms safety certificate. Congratulations!!!

Here are a few of the community outreach programs Helios Lodge #273 participates in:

Night to Unite More information  On National Night Out 2016 the Helios Lodge fingerprinted and photographed approximately 10 kids as a part of the Kids ID program.

Harbor Room $10,000 donation!

Another article on the donation

Helios Lodge's Pancake Breakfast

Adopt a Highway More Information

Kid's ID Program More Information 

United Special Sportsman Alliance More information

Minnesota Masonic Charities More Information

Relay For Life More Information

Christmas party for the Refuge Click here for Christmas Dinner article More Information on the Refuge   

Local Food Shelf donation. We partnered with Fraternal Lodge #92 in Princeton and OES Kedron #120 in Princeton and Masonic Charities. Together we donated $4,000 to each of the three area food shelfs! $12,000 total was raised by the Masons and OES chapter in the area! Congratulations to all who donated! 

Isanti County Beyond the Yellow Ribbon

Cambridge Community wide garage sale



Download the PDF application to your computer. Print it out, fill it out and mail it in. Good luck!!

Deadline is March 15th. Your application letter/envelope must be postmarked on or before March 15th to be eligible for consideration.

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