Helios Lodge #273

343 Second Ave. SW Cambridge, MN 55008

Rush City Royal Arch Masons Chapter 87

Gene Finch from Fraternal Lodge #92 has graciously donated a fishing rod that he created, to help out Helios Lodge #273. I can tell you that he has about $120 of materials into it and at least 14 hours of labor. He normally sells the rods for between $300- $500. This is a one of a kind treasure. It is 6 ft 6 inch  with a diamond willow handle, Square and compass carved into it.

We are going to do a card raffle for it. Using the jokers and 2 instruction cards makes 56 cards at $10 a card
It will be on a first come first serve basis, so if you would like a card please let me know you can either call me at   612-232-2495 or drop me an e mail at   viceeastbethel@msn.com 
After you let me know how many cards you want, you can mail me the check or cash (checks made out to Helios Lodge). To 23322 Isanti St. NE East Bethel MN 55005.
Team Helios won the August Masonic Pistol Shoot at the Osseo Gun Club. Pictured L to R: Brother Lee Gass, W.M. Scott Fredell, W.B. Roger McNear, Brother Ed Coppersmith

Installation of Officers 01/03/2016

Stated meetings third Tuesday of each month 7:30 p.m. Dinner prior to meeting at 6:30 p.m. $5.00 donation

Officers of the Lodge:

Worshipful Master ~ Andrew Barrett highctenor@msn.com

David Rahm ~ Secretary/Editor (763) 691-0455 danderahm@gmail.com

Robert Knowles ~ Treasurer (320) 396-3775 chief3601@hotmail.com

Roger McNear ~ LEO (763) 689-3602 info@aisfitness.com

Patrick Cahill ~ Sr. Warden (763) 360-4884 trapperpc@yahoo.com

Brad Brown ~ Jr. Warden (763) 389-1343

Joel Maue ~ Sr. Deacon (763) 439-9183 scubasleep@yahoo.com

Jaden Litecky ~ Jr. Deacon (763) 913-4791 jwlitecky@gmail.com

John Swisher ~ Sr. Stewart (763) 229-4142 jswisherh79@aol.com

William Vice ~ Jr. Stewart (612) 232-2495 viceeastbethel@msn.com


Fredrick Carlson ~ Tyler (763) 370-1836  flcarlson51@gmail.com


James Albright ~ Chaplin (320) 396-3682 frostyacresranch@gmail.com

Ralph Powell ~ Marshall (763) 421-7053 tentdoctor@gmail.com

Mark Rojas ~ Librarian/Music Director (763) 444-8610 franrojas@gmail.com

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