Helios Lodge #273

343 Second Ave. SW Cambridge, MN 55008

Media day presenting the Fire Suppression Tools to Isanti County Law Enforcement Departments!

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Scott Fredell


Rush City Royal Arch Masons Chapter 87


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Stated meetings third Tuesday of each month 7:30 p.m. Dinner prior to meeting at 6:30 p.m. $5.00 donation.

Officers of the Lodge:

Brett Davis ~ Master   (706) 224-1903  worshipful.master@helioslodge273.org


John Swisher ~ Sr. Warden (763) 229-4142 senior.warden@helioslodge273.org


James Albright ~ Jr. Warden (612) 735-2586  junior.warden@helioslodge273.org


Brad Brown ~ Sr. Deacon (612) 919-2028  senior.deacon@helioslodge273.org


Jesse Pierce ~ Jr. Deacon (725) 260-1480 junior.deacon@helioslodge273.org


Drew Silveira ~ Sr. Steward  senior.stewart@helioslodge273.org


Maxwell Borner  ~ Jr. Steward  junior.stewart@helioslodge273.org


Scott Fredell ~ Secretary (612) 817-0325 webmaster@helioslodge273.org

Robert Knowles ~ Treasurer (320) 515-9397 treasurer@helioslodge273.org

Roger McNear ~ LEO (612) 790-5561 LEO@helioslodge273.org


Mark Rojas ~ Tyler


Bobby Milliman ~ Chaplain


Jaden Litecky ~ Marshal

Mark Rojas ~ Librarian/Music Director


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